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We Are Wild West Wellness

Wild West Wellness was established with one goal in mind, to improve the lives of our customers. We know that our premium products can cater to any and all desires. Whether you are a medical patient seeking relief or a recreational user seeking a great time we have the perfect product for you. Not only do we have the right products, but also the knowledgeable, friendly staff to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.  Come on in and Experience The Difference!

What We Can Do For You

Relieve Chronic Pain

The chemical makeup of our products have been analyzed and studied to provide a deep insight into what will best aid in pain relief. Everything from back pain to headaches can be treated.

Alleviate Anxiety and/or Depression

Anxiety and Depression are serious ailments that we strive to remedy for our patients. Our products can be one of the most effective medicines in battling these afflictions, and our staff can walk you through the science behind each product to ensure your satisfaction.

Provide Comfort

No matter your affliction we have what you need to feel better! From pain relief and anti-inflammatory to relieving headaches and depression we can help provide you comfort.

**Results are never guaranteed. Scientific studies have shown promising results regarding the above statements but have not been definitively proven.

What Our Customers Say

“Wild West Wellness provided an experience that out-classes any other local dispensary I've been too yet!”
Wilson Kaye
“I was blown away by the effects and flavors on some of their unique strain offerings... I didn't know I could get anything this good in Montana!!”
Sean Kimminger
“I wish all dispensaries had the amount of customer service and knowledge they have there”
Sarah Lockland