Banger & Nails

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  • 14mm Banger


    Are you a cannabis lover who wants to try something other than the usual pre-rolled joints? This 14mm banger is an absolute must-have for your dab rig or water pipe.

  • 18mm Banger


    Do you want to take your dabbing to the next level? Our impressive range of 18mm bangers heats up moderately, features incredible airflow, and provides you with a perfect fit so you can experience the smoothest hits from your favorite cannabis strains.

  • Butane Torch


    Easy to use, portable, and compatible with most butane cartridges, this dab torch is a handy tool to have around. Its ergonomic body is made of high-quality, durable cast aluminum with a brass nozzle that won’t rust or corrode over time.

  • Carb Cap


    Smoking styles have changed with time—with stronger and more sophisticated products available in the market. It’s only natural that the methods of consumption have evolved as well.