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  • donut pipe


    This one is for the ones with a sweet tooth out there who want to satiate their tastebuds. Now you can satisfy your cravings with this donut-shaped glass pipe.

  • Garden Critters


    You’ll have difficulty finding a glass pipe prettier than Garden Critters. The themed product is so realistic that you can practically smell the balmy outdoors on its bumpy handle. And oh, is the handle bumpy! Adorned with 3D critters and flora, your eyes will meet theirs every time you bring the thing to your mouth for yet another puff.

  • Honey Bee Pipe


    Do your preferred flowers lean on the sweeter side? Well, so does this Honey Bee Pipe! Dabbing some honey oil on your buds is just the icing this canna-cake needs. Blow up the image, for this handheld pipe sure paints a pretty picture.

  • Silicone 1


    Our fun and flexible silicone pipes are FDA-approved and contain zero heavy metals. Their bowls might have a stainless-steel component, but they’re 100% food-grade and only there to make your smoking receptacle all the more spill-proof.

  • Silicone 2


    Enjoy your crushed herbs via the Silicone 2 while on the go, during a household chore, or lounging around. This pipe double-times as a dab straw, letting you make the most of your concentrates. The pipe’s exterior deserves special mention because it’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but the silicone material covering it also makes for a comfortable grip.

  • Silicone 3


    The Silicone 3-in-1 water pipe is as multifunctional as it gets. This portable pipe stands tall, literally, and in a manner of speaking. The latter is due to its medical-grade make, which makes it safe for smoking, and platinum-cured mold, which makes it strong and durable despite wear, tear, and repeated smoking.

  • Squirrel Pipe


    The Squirrel Pipe is different from every other glass pipe on the market. Its mouthpiece is located at the squirrel’s tail, whereas the glass bowl is an actual bowl attached to the squirrel’s hands. Let the squirrel hold your tobacco leaves or buds, light them up, and inhale the sweet aroma of your grounds.