Rolling Papers

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  • Kashmir Assorted Rolling Papers


    Looking to up your smoking game with some top-notch rolling papers? Look no further than Kashmir Assorted Rolling Papers!

    These bad boys come in a pack of 50, with various sizes to choose from, so you can roll the perfect joint every time.

  • Kashmir Pre Rolled Tips


    The Kashmir Pre Rolled Tips are legal in all 50 states for individuals 18 and above. These unbleached tips maintain their shape and are chlorine-free, thus, continuing the trend of being in your health’s best interest.

  • Kong Wraps Forbidden Fruit


    The best thing about hemp being allowed in all 50 states: you don’t need to live in a state that allows cannabis for recreational use to buy it. Now you can find Kong hemp wraps in an all-new Forbidden Fruit flavor and order them online.

  • Kong Wraps Unflavored


    Are you looking for a completely pure bud-smoking experience? Hemp wraps are flat, thin sheets of paper that are made from hemp and are the perfect alternative to traditional blunt wraps that are usually tobacco-based.

  • Kush Gold Paper


    Kush Gold Paper adds an element of luxury and a new dimension to the flavor of your cannabis. Each 63mm sheet is ripe for the rolling, made of 24k gold, and 100% edible. Treasure the cone sheets, keep them safe under a glass case, and only break them out for special occasions.

  • Kush Wraps Berry Gelato


    Do you like the taste of berries to the point where you won’t mind seeing them in your cannabis? Let us introduce you to the Kush Wraps in a Berry Gelato flavor that adds to and elevates your Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains by infusing it with delicious terpenes.

  • Kush Wraps SVG OG


    These Kush Wraps are infused with A San Fernando Valley (SVG) OG strain, potent in well-known terpenes like Linalool, Beta Myrcene, and Alpha Humulene. This hybrid cannabis strain is perfect for those seeking quick relief from pain and wanting to remain clear-headed despite it all.

  • OME Pre-Roll Blueberry


    Need a hint of blueberry in your smoke? Check out the OME Pre-Roll Blueberry, an empty pre-roll that offers a slow and silky burn packed with a blueberry essence, ideal as a nighttime relaxant.