London Pound Cake Dab


London Pound Cake Dab is a potent and flavorful Indica concentrate made from premium flowers, with a high THC content that provides an energetic and motivating high, perfect for any time of day.

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London Pound Cake Dab is a Indica strain concentrate that’s sure to satisfy your cravings for a potent and stimulating high. This shatter concentrate is made from premium London Pound Cake flowers and boasts a high THC content, perfect for getting you moving and motivated throughout the day.

With a pungent and citrusy aroma, London Pound Cake Dab is a fan favorite for its unique and refreshing flavor. The snap and pull consistency of this shatter makes it easy to manage and enjoy, whether you’re a seasoned concentrate connoisseur or new to the game.

So why wait? Give London Pound Cake Dab a try and experience the full potential of this popular sativa strain.


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