5 Things to Know Before You Set Foot in a Dispensary

While going to a dispensary for the first time can be fun, it can be a tad intimidating as well. Yes, shopping for high-quality cannabis in a totally legal setting sounds like a dream for anyone who loves marijuana, but there are usually a ton of questions surrounding etiquette and what to expect.

If this is your first time visiting a marijuana dispensary, here’s what to expect and what you should do.

1. Ask questions

Bud tenders can easily find the strain of cannabis that’s right for you. While having a rudimentary knowledge of cannabis before going to a dispensary for the first time is preferable, the professionals are there to help you out in case you feel stumped. If you don’t know what to pick, talk to a bud tender about the experience you’re chasing and they’ll help you accomplish it.

2. Know yourself

What are you expecting from cannabis? Boosted creativity? Sleep aid? Pain relief?

Different cannabis strains offer different benefits. So, you should educate yourself on the differences between hybrids, indicas, and sativas, as well as the effects of CBD vs. THC.

3. Bring cash

Most of this billion-dollar industry is cash-only. While certain dispensaries now accept cards, it remains a complex subject due to federal regulations regarding cannabis. To be on the safe side, use the green stuff to pay for the green stuff.

reen cannabis buds

4. Expect security

Most dispensaries have some sort of security. Barred entrances, guards, and cameras are common practice. However, there’s no need to be intimidated. Security is just there to keep the bad guys out and protect everyone. Just respect the security measures of the dispensaries and you’ll be fine.

5. Identify yourself

Keep your ID ready because you’ll need it. Like alcohol, it’s prohibited to sell marijuana to anyone under the age of 21. Don’t expect a beard or gray hair to pass as identification either. Dispensaries are usually very strict on this front because marijuana isn’t legal on a federal level and the new industry is adamant about following the law.

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