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Getting your hands on premium-quality products has never been easier! Wild West Wellness has some of the best prices for your favorite strain of cannabis, salt-nic vapes, and other smoking essentials.

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725 1st Avenue N Unit 1, Great Falls, MT 59401

Wild West Wellness is a trusted, high-end cannabis store in Great Falls that provides a wide variety of cannabis, nicotine, and accessory products to people who want an excellent experience at an affordable price point.

Our goal is to bring you a classic blend of great pricing, professionalism, and a unique and unforgettable experience. Unlike many other cannabis vendors in Great Falls, we offer a satisfaction guarantee where you can return your product if it doesn’t suit your tastes!

As a licensed cannabis and nicotine provider, we’re proud to present you with top-shelf items that are lab-tested and curated with your user experience in mind. We ensure that our cannabis collection is vast and outstanding—we’ve got something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for something to help you relax after a long day of work or a buzz of energy to get through the day, we’ve got you covered.

Our attention to detail extends to our store as well—you’re going to have an incredible experience from the moment you walk through our doors! We’ve put a lot of energy and effort into making sure that our stores reflect our professionalism and premium techniques. We’ve been voted one of Montana’s fastest-growing cannabis businesses for a reason.

Personalized services

Our high-quality products includedab sauce, cartridges, disposables,high life, Cali bars,tools, torches, and more. Talk to our budtenders to get a better idea of the effects of each of our products! Different strains give different effects—you must get something that you enjoy. Our staff is trained to answer any questions that you might have and recommend the best products according to your history, needs, and requirements.

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Whether you’re a new smoker who’s looking for high-quality cannabis strains at an affordable price, or a veteran who wants to switch from smoking to vaping, we’ve got something for everyone!

What Our

Customers Say


“I was completely new to the world of cannabis, but the staff at Wild West Wellness was incredibly insightful and helped me find some amazing stuff at a great price! They also have a really unique selection of accessories that I can’t wait to try out.”

Mike P.

Wild West Wellness provided an experience that out-classes any other local dispensary I've been too yet!

Wilson Kaye

I was blown away by the effects and flavors on some of their unique strain offerings... I didn't know this good of weed could come from Montana!!

Sean Kimminger

I wish all dispensaries had the amount of customer service and knowledge they have there.

Sarah Lockland

Great business and better people. Always friendly and helpful. I tried some of their White Flower Sativa and it was some of if not the smoothest flower I've ever had but was still 30% with good effects. Really cool selection of glass and accessories too!

Cameron Lucero

Stopped in and grabbed a gram of wax today, not only did the guys give me a great deal but it was hands down the best wax I think I've ever smoked. I've been smoking for 10 years and this was the best tasting wax I've ever had. I could still function just fine and loved the high. 10/10 would recommend. They were super professional and chill guys.

Clay Wood

Great staff and product! Today was my first time in and after getting home to try my meds it’s definitely my new favorite place.

Babli Roy

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