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Common Medical Marijuana Myths

Nowadays, many patients are turning to medical cannabis for their ailments due to the potential therapeutic effects of cannabis. However, there are a ton of medical cannabis myths out there, usually because of the large amount of misinformation available online.

Read as we debunk some medical marijuana myths.

Myth: I have to smoke marijuana to consume it

This isn’t true. You can use cannabis without smoking it.

Cannabis is available in edible forms such as brownies, gummies, lollipops, cookies, and tinctures. In fact, you can also incorporate it into your meals. If you want something for sublingual or oral consumption, tinctures will be a wonderful idea.

You can use a transdermal or topical patch if you don’t want to ingest marijuana. These options are great if you’re not interested in consuming cannabis or are dealing with muscle pain.

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Myth: Medical marijuana can cause addiction

While marijuana can be psychologically addictive just like staring at your phone, watching TV, and working out can be addictive, you can develop a dependency if you use large quantities of it.

However, marijuana dependency isn’t a black hole that’ll trap you forever. If you think you have marijuana dependency, you can always take a tolerance break.

Usually, a qualified doctor prescribes medical marijuana. If you follow their instructions, you don’t have to worry about addiction. In contrast to opiates, the risk of physical addiction to medical marijuana is far lower. However, let the doctor know if you have a history of addiction.

Myth: People consume cannabis just to get high

While the psychoactive effects of marijuana attract a lot of people, not everyone turns to cannabis to get high.

In fact, many people are now discovering the awesome medicinal effects that the plant can have on the mind and body.

You simply can’t ignore the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana — it’s extremely effective for the chronic pain that affects millions of Americans. Plus, it’s safer than opiates (it’s far less addictive and impossible to overdose on). Also, if people can’t take NSAIDs like Aleve or Advil, they can use cannabis.

Yes, you can act a bit silly from your weed but that’s not always why people consume cannabis — despite what others may think.

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