Does CBD Oil Need To Be Refrigerated?

Most CBD oil products are labeled with instructions to keep them in a ‘cool, dry place.’ While many would think that they need to be refrigerated, it’s not the case.

Generally, a cool place means a temperature of approximately 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. These temperatures don’t just prevent the degradation of the cannabinoids but also keep their viscosity at usable levels. Since many CBD oil drops don’t consist of preservatives, the lack of light and the cooler temps also inhibit the growth of mold or bacteria.

So, if you’re thinking, ‘should CBD oil be refrigerated,’ read this guide:

Does cannabidiol oil require refrigeration?

If you want to be able to enjoy every health benefit of cannabidiol oil in the long run, you should properly store CBD oil. You shouldn’t expose CBD oil to the sun and air to prevent the oil from degrading. However, is it absolutely essential for CBD to be refrigerated to preserve its active compounds? Well, it’s not compulsory, but refrigeration isn’t recommended if you purchase the product in bulk that will last for at least a year. The shelf life of CBD oil is around one year.

However, if you use it regularly, there’s no point in storing it in the fridge. A bottle will last longer if stored in a cool, dry place. When stored in the fridge, cannabidiol oils will become thick, making it difficult to dose. This happens because the strength of CBD you use is high and comprises certain contents of chlorophyll and waxes, which are botanical compounds.

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Should you freeze cannabidiol?

Freezing cannabidiol doesn’t make sense if your stock can only last for a month. The cold, intense temperature may affect the oil’s viscosity and consistency, especially when it has carrier oils like coconut. When CBD is frozen, getting it out of the container becomes extremely difficult, which may cause an unnecessary mess. In addition, you must know that taking CBD out of the fridge or freezer may seem cloudy, but its quality won’t be affected. Storing it at room temperature will help it return back to normal.

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