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Does Smoking Weed Affect Relationships?

While smoking weed with your partner can be hilarious, stimulating, and extremely relaxing, it’s recommended not to overdo it, as it can damage relationships and drive people apart.

Here, we discuss how smoking weed affects relationships:

Sex and intimacy

Cannabis has been used throughout history for sexual pleasures, bringing people closer together in different ways. While some evidence hints that cannabis consumption leads to certain problems, the positives easily outweigh the negatives.

So, whether you’re feeling like the connection between you and your partner is lacking during the act or you’re in the middle of a sexual dry spell, cannabis can help. After all, good sex is a sign of a long-lasting, happy relationship, so why not go ahead with it?

According to research, cannabis can help you let go of yourself, reduce inhibitions, increase libido, heighten emotional states, and increase touch sensation. When combined, all of these advantages can really give your sex life a boost, leading to a more fulfilling connection between you and your partner.

Reduces issues related to alcohol dependency

Alcohol abuse and dependency can cause irreparable damage to professional and personal relationships. People with preexisting mental health disorders are especially vulnerable. Financial issues may also emerge — so, too, can debt and irresponsible spending.

While replacing one vice with another seems counterintuitive, many studies hint that cannabis is a less harmful, viable solution to alcohol abuse.

Enhances social life

a woman sitting while smoking weed

Heightened social life is probably the main advantage of consuming cannabis, especially if your friends are high as well. If you plan a get-together and all of you get pretty high, you’ll see that a unique type of bond will form. Inhibitions go down, and everything seems way too funny, even if you’re sitting there and doing nothing.

While this sense of social connection with friends can seem artificial, it’s not. With cannabis, you can be high and still understand what’s going on, especially if you know how to dose well.

You should find the right balance. If you go hard, you’ll just feel the undesirable side effects, which lead to vomiting, sickness, stress, and anxiety — not a nice feeling at all.

However, get the balance right, and you’ll be laughing, chatting, and consciously connecting with your friends on a whole new level.

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