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How to Smoke Weed: A Beginner’s Guide

Cannabis use is on the rise in the US. If you’re about to absorb, drink, vape, eat, or smoke cannabis for the first time and unsure what to expect, here’s our basic guide on how to smoke weed:

Don’t hold your breath

Never hold your breath. Holding your breath will make the smoke harsher on your throat and lungs.

So, exhale slowly and take small sips of the smoke — this will help you avoid coughing fits and enjoy the experience more.

Use a filter

Use a filter if you’re smoking a joint with tobacco. Filters remove tar as well as other harmful chemicals from the smoke.

This won’t just make the joint less harsh on your throat; it’ll also increase the duration of the ‘high.’

You can use a number of filters, like coffee filters or paper clips. Ensure that you experiment and find the filter that works best for you.

Choose the right strain

The type of weed you smoke will affect how long the ‘high’ lasts. For instance, indica strains usually produce a more mellow ‘high,’ which is ideal for relaxing at home.

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In contrast, sativa strains offer a more energetic, uplifting high that’s incredible for social situations.

If you’re confused about what type of strain you’re smoking, ask the person who sold it to you. They must tell you more about the effects of the particular strain.

Start small

When you smoke a joint, it’s better to start small and smoke less. If you smoke too much in the beginning, you’ll have a bad time.

If you’re very new to smoking, take just a couple of hits from the marijuana joint and wait at least half an hour before taking any more. From there, you can always take more if you feel like you can handle it.

Remember that how much you smoke will affect the duration of the ‘high.’ If you smoke a lot, the duration of the ‘high’ will increase.

Here’s the good news: the risk of addiction isn’t high with marijuana. In fact, just 10% of marijuana users become addicts.

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