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  • 14mm Basic Bowl Piece


    A bowl is one of the main component of a bong or pipe; it’s the rounded-out part where you pack in the cannabis after the grinding process.

  • 18mm Basic Bowl Piece


    Looking for a larger bong that has increased airflow and decreased resistance while still being able to handle larger amounts of herb? This high-quality 18mm bowl piece is the perfect choice for you! It can attach to your bong and hold the dry herb for an easier smoking experience!

  • Artistic 14mm bowl


    Glass bowls are an absolute necessity for any cannabis smoker! This removable slide can be attached to your bong to hold your bud in place, allowing you to smoke with ease. A 14mm bowl is around ¾ of a dime’s size and can hold around 0.5g of cannabis.

  • Black Label Cleaner


    Black Label Cleaner is a high-quality cleaning resin solution specifically formulated for dabbing utensils such as dab rigs, quartz bangers, pipes, and titanium nails. This cleaner is free of harsh chemicals, making it safe and gentle on your dabbing equipment.

  • Bong Strap


    Looking for ways to upgrade your smoking experience? A bong strap is all you need! Bongs are extremely fragile and can break after a fall from any distance—while getting a bong with a thicker glass might help,

  • Charm Battery


    The average Charm device can double as a pendant that you can wear with a lanyard of any kind! This discreet and compact 510-threaded vaporizer is available in a wide range of colors along with a lanyard from Randy’s that’ll help you keep your device close for whenever you need it.

  • Cube Pipe


    This high-quality, beautiful cube pipe is designed to enhance your smokeware collection. It’s the perfect item to use as a smoking accessory or as a decorative object. It’s also possible to use this beautiful cube as an incense holder!

  • Dog Walker Disposable


    Dog Walker is a hybrid cannabis strain that’s made by crossing Chemdawg 91 with Albert Walker OG to provide a cerebral, calming effect. If you consume it in larger doses, these relaxing effects can intensify and help you fall into a deep sleep.

  • Evil Morty


    Introducing Evil Morty, the latest addition to our dab gear bubblers collection. This bong is sure to turn heads with its sleek and trendy design, featuring a black, blue, and green color scheme inspired by the fan-favorite characters from Rick and Morty.

  • Garden Critters


    You’ll have difficulty finding a glass pipe prettier than Garden Critters. The themed product is so realistic that you can practically smell the balmy outdoors on its bumpy handle. And oh, is the handle bumpy! Adorned with 3D critters and flora, your eyes will meet theirs every time you bring the thing to your mouth for yet another puff.

  • Glass 1


    Pipes that are made from materials such as wood, plastic, or metal tend to contaminate the smoke. Enjoy a smooth, clean, and efficient high with the help of our high-quality glass! We’ve also got spoons, bongs, bubblers, and dab rigs available on our site.

  • Glass 2


    There are three things that you need to consider when looking for a glass piece—the kind of experience you want, whether you prefer form or function, and your budget.