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  • Aloha Cookie Butter


    Aloha Sun’s Cookie Butter flavor transports you to the Hawaii life at home. It’s sweet, dense, and tastes like spice cookies. It’s also in disposable vape form, containing up to 3,000 puffs and a liquid capacity of 8 ml. What’s not to like?!

  • Elf Bar Peach Mango Watermelon


    If you’re a fan of luscious watermelon, sweet mango and orchard peach, then Elf Bar Beach Mango Watermelon is the right vape juice flavor for you.

  • Enou Bar Cool Mint


    The Enou Bar Cool Mint is a sleek and stylish disposable device that is perfect for anyone looking to switch to a healthier, more convenient way to smoke. With its hip and trendy design, this puff bar device is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

  • Enou Bar Strawberry Kiwi


    With its sleek and trendy design, the Enou Bar is the perfect accessory for any hip and happening individual. It’s small and lightweight, making it easy to take with you wherever you go. Plus, it’s super easy to use – just puff and go! No need to worry about refilling or charging.

  • Geek Bar Gauva Ice


    Geek Bar’s luscious guava notes combined with a refreshing splash of menthol is the perfect disposable vape for people who want a solid throat hit and smooth taste.

  • Glass 3


    Glass is one of the most popular materials for making bongs and pipes. Its inert characteristics ensure that no additional flavors get leeched into your cannabis.

  • Glass 4


    Glass pipes are incredibly popular amongst cannabis smokers. One of the main advantages of this material is its ability to keep itself clean.

  • Glass 5


    Whether you’re looking for bubblers, chillums, dab rigs, or water pipes, we’ve got you covered! Take a look at our unique and affordable collection of glass tools and accessories.

  • Lucid Air Aloe Grape Ice


    The Lucid Air aloe grape vape features a smooth base of juicy red grapes, a refreshing hint of aloe, and a menthol finish. This disposable device can provide up to 5000 puffs—you’re sure to be satisfied with the taste by the time you’re done.

  • Silicone Nectar Collector


    Our silicone nectar collector is the perfect dabbing tool that is used to vaporize concentrated cannabis extracts such as wax, shatter, or crumble for those who want to avoid the use of a traditional dab rig.