What Can You Do With Old Weed?

Stale, old weed is a sad sight— left lingering in a backpack or stashed in a forgotten cabinet. Now, your top-shelf flower is nothing more than a dehydrated shame.

But don’t worry; you can still put your dried-out weed to good use. Here’s our guide to using old weed:

Rehydrate it

You can save your dried-out weed if you’re a ride-or-die smoker. If they’re not stored in an air-tight container, cannabis buds get dehydrated. To return the moisture to your weed, you’ll need to toss in fruit peels or humidity packs.

Store the fruit peel in a jar with your old buds and seal it up. Let it sit for a day (but not longer because too much moisture can lead to mold). Since the fruit should add some flavor, it’ll taste like your previously dried-out weed has more terpenes.

Vaporize it

Vaporizers work well with dry weed. Did you ever notice that your vaporizer barely hits for some initial pulls when you pack it with fresh weed? This is mainly because there’s still some moisture in your weed. In addition, expect dense clouds of vapor without the harshness of the smoke. If your weed is old, there won’t be much terpene content in it — and therefore, it wouldn’t taste well. If you’re unwilling to taste old weed, turn it into cannabis concentrates or edibles.

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Dry sift it

Mining your old weed for gold is possible. By dry sifting it, you can isolate kief, sifting out and separating all the trichomes. Like CBD and THC, trichomes have high concentrations of cannabinoids and loads of terpenes.

You can isolate and dab the trichomes using a range of fine screens. This method is better than making concentrates with combustible gas. The resulting material will have a greater purity than extracts made via solvents.

Turn it into edibles

You can use your archaic weed to make edibles. Trimmings with lower levels of THC get turned into canna butter. Doing it right will yield good results, even when using older weed. However, don’t even bother if you only have a small amount of old bud.

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