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  • 14mm Basic Bowl Piece


    A bowl is one of the main component of a bong or pipe; it’s the rounded-out part where you pack in the cannabis after the grinding process.

  • 18mm Basic Bowl Piece


    Looking for a larger bong that has increased airflow and decreased resistance while still being able to handle larger amounts of herb? This high-quality 18mm bowl piece is the perfect choice for you! It can attach to your bong and hold the dry herb for an easier smoking experience!

  • Bong Strap


    Looking for ways to upgrade your smoking experience? A bong strap is all you need! Bongs are extremely fragile and can break after a fall from any distance—while getting a bong with a thicker glass might help,

  • Grav Helix Bong


    GRAV’s Helix bong is a handmade water pipe with a straight base that was created by designer Stephan Pierce. It has a 60mm tube, an angled joint, and is 23cm tall. The bong is made out of high-quality borosilicate glass, giving it an extra level of strength and durability compared to regular glass bongs.

  • Lookah Bong


    Glass bongs have been a preferred medium of smoking for centuries. They’re great for hitting up any dry herbs that you might want to smoke, like tobacco and marijuana.

  • Pulsar Quad Perc Beaker Bong


    Filtration and size are extremely important when it comes to bongs. Pulsar’s Quad Perc Beaker Bong embodies the best of both!

  • Sci-Fi Zig Zag Bong


    The dabbing and smoking community has a world of its own with a variety of ways to smoke organic substances and flowers. But what really sets this community apart is its eccentricity which we can see in the different bong designs.