Watermelon Zkittles Crumble


Watermelon Zkittles is an award-winning, potent strain with a pungent aroma and chocolatey, sour flavor that provides instant relaxation and euphoria, perfect for appetite stimulation.

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Watermelon Zkittles, is a potent strain of marijuana that provides an instant feeling of relaxation and euphoria. Its resin-covered, chunky buds will fill your room with a sour and earthy pungent aroma that’s inherited from its predecessors—Chocolate Diesel, Sour Dubb, and Chem’s Sister.

This award-winning strain contains 18-25% THC along with all the original terpenes and cannabinoids that will help elevate your smoking experience. The flavor is chocolatey and sour, with an undertone of diesel and earth. It’s a great appetite stimulant for people who need just a little nudge! Sit back, light up your pipe, and let the relaxation fill your soul.

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